did you know?

When you buy steel, you are ALWAYS buying recycled

Every minute, approximately 20,000 cans are recycled in a country like the United States

If every Indian recycled just two food cans this year, we would save the equivalent of 10 million gallons of gasoline

Consumers can recycle food cans as well as non-food cans like paint cans, etc.

Tin cans can be stacked high on pallets without damage to the package or its contents, reducing the need for secondary packaging, making cans more eco-friendly.

Cans are 100% bio-degradable and infinitely recyclable.

we can make a difference

If you don’t think of your empty soda and food cans as a natural resource, you should. The scrap value of the 37 billion aluminum cans India discards in one year alone is about $600 million. And, the environmental savings of recycling metal are enormous. Recycling steel can save 74% of the energy used while producing them. Recycling aluminum cans save 95% of the energy used while producing them.