AJ was the first to introduce UV printing in India in the year 1997.At AJ we believe that a good can is a well finished and printed one.Front to back, top to bottom, we offer branding options on all sides of the can. Our range of decorative finishes can either stand alone or be combined with advanced shaping options and unique sizes to redefine both the look and feel of your brand.

Our high-quality lithographic printing process ensures vivid, sharp graphics that will attract attention at point-of-sale and project a high-quality image to consumers. Depending on individual marketing goals, graphics can be applied to just the lid of the can or the entire can body. Our team of experienced printing experts works closely with customers to maximize design impact and ensure consistent print quality…

Enhancements to boost the tactile and visual properties of metal packaging, helping brands stand out on retail shelves and everywhere else they are displayed.

Development In Print Coating

We constantly develop new finishes and coats to meet the industry’s demands and also strive to be ahead.Some of our research in various print types:

Our Services

UV Printing

Lower carbon footprint, High printing quality, durability, faster turnaround.


Resins based from the by-product of vegetable oils.


CYMK, Pantone, Metallic, Matt, Gloss, Sparkle, Soft, Tactile, Crackle.

Low Migration

BPANI Inks and Coatings suitable for use in food cans and complying with stringent USFDA regulations and EURO-NORM’s.