A company steeped in heritage, Aj Packaging, has been one of the household names in the metal can manufacturing industry in India for over 30 years. We have always believed in providing our clients with high-quality tin and metal components for their own products. Being one of the most oldest and trusted companies in this field, we have ensured not just great quality but have stayed true to our core beliefs and delivered with excellence. Our extensive and meticulous research in the fabrication of metal packaging allows us to satisfy our client’s needs and expectations. We as a company have successfully produced elegant and quality assured metal cans for a wide range of purposes, from confectionery to cosmetics, to pharmaceutical packaging, to health care products, We at AJ packaging have got you covered.

Our Vision & Goals

“Offering strength, quality, resistance”

In a very short span of time, AJ packaging has grown into a company with magnificent experience and have expanded to 2 units. Our aim is to provide our client, with not just a good product but to give them an experience and satisfaction they’ve never received before. After all, a happy customer will remain a loyal customer and here at AJ our clients are our family and we intend on growing their support and strengthen the community further

For 30 years, we have worked day and night to make sure we followed our vision and we can guarantee you that this is only the beginning of a milestone as we promise to conquer even bigger targets with our forthcoming projects.

Our Journey

1973 Humble Beginnings

This period marked the dawn of a period we all cherish, Aj packaging was incorporated and started to function under the bright and dynamic leadership of its founders.

1997 Uv Printing

We were the first to introduce a UV printing line in our field, technologically we were progressing with each coming day


A year of celebrations and progress as AJ packaging expanded to Nepal, and exclusively dedicated an entire unit to Colgate – Palmolive one of the world’s leading sellers of personal care. This marks as a year of victory as AJ packaging was now soaring to global networks.

2005 R&D OF CANS

During this period, our primary focus was to expand and study the market closely. Research and development of shaped cans and other equipment came into the picture


By now we had advanced and were now dealing with coffee, protein, oil and chemical related materials.


We invested further into machines like, high speed printing and welding lines, and manufacturing of shaped cans as we acquired patents, This was also the year in which we established our third unit in Ghaziabad, also known as “The Gateway to New Delhi” The capital of India.


We have acquired faster methods, more manpower and better strategic points to flexibly network to as many locations as possible and deliver to our clients with perfection.


Winner of INDIASTAR Packaging Design Excellence 2017

Winner of TATA Coffee Annual Vendor Meet 2018



The capital of Telangana, and also known and the “Gateway to South-Central India” is strategically located to cater to various surrounding cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar and much more. We connect to NH44, NH 65, NH7. The unit in Hyderabad provides an area of 1,00,000 square ft. providing an exceptional Combination of top-notch quality of machinery and in-house engineers available round the clock.


Ghaziabad is the national capital region of Delhi, making it a vantage point as all leading factories and companies work Our factory is about 50,000 square ft. and has a huge workforce, comprising of skilled and experienced personnel, We have a well-equipped tool room, drives our manufacturing process. All our maintenance activities are managed in-house.