AJ Packaging Limited A Global Supplier of Speciality Tin Cans

Welcome to the world of AJ Packaging Limited, one of India’s largest metal packaging solution providers, where innovation is a constant. Today, we are equipped to meet the packaging needs of almost every industry in bulk, with precision, variety, agility and speed, to make this infinitely recyclable metal, a part of everyday life!

Pioneers in India of Light-guage Food & Paint Cans

Our passion for consumer convenience and sustainability led us to implement the manufacturing of India’s first light-guage Food and Paint cans, without any compromise on can strength or product integrity. We remain committed to raw-material reduction and bringing the best in metal packaging solutions.

Where Innovation is More Than a Process; it’s Our Culture

Innovation has been at the core of our culture. The result is reflected in our range of high performance cans that are lightweight and distinct in design, while staying leak-proof and safe all the way – from auto-filling lines, to shipment, to market shelves!

Driving Sustainability Through R&D

The infinitely recyclable Tin cans are more relevant in today’s world than ever before! Our dedicated R&D unit backed by a highly qualified and experienced technical team is committed to down-gauging the metal base material to provide lighter cans that are user-friendly yet 100% eco-friendly, to ensure a sustainable future for the industry and mankind.

Creating Winning Brand Appeal

Cans from AJ are made to make a mark on market shelves. They shine out not only for product safety but also for the innovative shapes, designs, prints and surface finish. In fact, we hold the patents for several shaped branded cans! As we continue to work closely with some of the world’s most renowned brands, we look forward to giving many new brands, a winning edge!

Solutions for Every Category

At AJ Packaging we continue to invest in ongoing research and development and processes to give the best packaging solutions and bring the proven benefits of AJ Cans to every product category and market segment. We hope this would eventually create a definite shift in consumer choice towards tin cans – the packaging medium of the future!

Cans to Match Every Need

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